Raymond S. Norton 2014 International Biophysics Congress

Raymond S. Norton

Professor Ray Norton holds a personal chair at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Melbourne, Australia. His lab employs a range of biophysical approaches, including NMR, SPR, ITC and X-ray crystallography, as well as molecular modelling and design, in studies of peptides and proteins from venomous organisms. One of the venom-derived peptides he works with has completed Phase 1 clinical trial for autoimmune diseases and another is the basis for development of ultra-rapid acting insulins that are currently undergoing preclinical evaluation. He is also designing small cyclic peptides that show promise as anti-infective agents with a novel mechanism of action. He has published over 400 articles, received numerous national awards, and is an inventor on more than 10 patents. His h-factor is 71 and his papers have been cited > 19,200 times (Google Scholar). He was recently elected a Fellow of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance.

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