Henning Stahlberg 2014 International Biophysics Congress

Henning Stahlberg

Prof. Henning Stahlberg studied physics at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany, and received his PhD in 1997 in the group of Prof. Jacques Dubochet in structural biology at the University and ETH Lausanne, Switzerland. After a PostDoc and Habilitation at the University of Basel, Switzerland in the group of Prof. Andreas Engel, Stahlberg established in 2003 his group at UC Davis in California, USA, for structural studies of membrane protein systems by electron microscopy. In 2009, he became a Full Professor at the University of Basel, Switzerland, where he is directing the Center for Cellular Imaging and NanoAnalytics (C-CINA, http://c-cina.org). Stahlberg is studying the structure and function of membrane proteins by cryo-electron microscopy. His group is developing methods for the analysis of macromolecular systems by electron microscopy (EM), including single-cell visual proteomics sample preparation for EM, and computational data analysis tools for the high-resolution studies of membrane proteins by cryo-EM. The group has studied ion channels, transporters, or bacterial protein secretion systems, by combining cellular studies with high-resolution molecular studies.

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