Abhinav K.V. 2014 International Biophysics Congress

Abhinav K.V.

Name K. V. ABHINAV Nationality Indian Date of Birth 10-11-1986 Current Address Ph.D. Student, Lab-203, Prof. M. Vijayan’s Lab, Molecular Biophysics Unit, Indian Institute of Science, Malleshwaram, Bangalore-560012 Karnataka, India. Email abhinavsct@gmail.com, akv@mbu.iisc.ernet.in Phone number +919945673307, +918022932389 Current Position CSIR-Senior Research Fellow at Prof. M. Vijayan’s Lab, MBU, IISc. Trained on working with 1. Polymerase Chain Reaction (Inverse PCR, DD PCR, Reverse Transcriptase PCR, Real Time PCR). 2. Agarose Gel Electrophoresis, SDS PAGE, DNA Sequencing, Acrylamide gels electrophoresis, Capillary Electrophoresis, Pulse Field Gel Electrophoresis. 3. UV –Vis Spectrophotometer, Confocal microscopy, Scanning and Transmission Electron microscope. 4. Western, Northern and Southern Blotting. 5. Spectroscopic and biophysical techniques like CD, DLS, MALS, ITC, DSC and SPR. 6. In sillico oligo peptide design and in-vitro synthesis by both solid phase and aqueous phase methods. 7. Molecular cloning of genes from Vibrio cholerae into model bacterial systems and their expression. 8. Analysis of gene expression changes due to extreme pH stress in Vibrio cholerae based on RNA Reverse transcription PCR mediated studies. 9. Protein interaction studies on Vibrio cholerae shape components and toxin secretion mechanisms based on GFP- RFP tagging and confocal microscopy. 10. Protein expression in yeast, mammalian and bacterial cell systems. 11. Protein and peptide purification by affinity, ion exchange and size exclusion chromatography using FPLC and HPLC systems. 12. Direct purification of plant lectins from the native source. 13. Protein crystallization, X-ray data collection and structure solution. 14. Structural genomics and bioinformatics. 15. Systems biology, data mining and sequence analysis. 16. Molecular Dynamics Simulations. 17. High throughput inhibitor design, protein-inhibitor and protein-protein docking. 18. In-solution studies on protein structure using nuclear magnetic resonance. Projects involved in 1. In Sillico Design of novel oligopeptide inhibitors against HIV-1 protease for downregulating viral maturation. 2. Identification of membrane localization sequences of RTX toxin in Vibrio cholerae by RFP tagging. 3. Identification of molecular mechanisms behind extreme pH stress tolerance of Vibrio cholerae based on gene expression studies. 4. Production of recombinant rice globulins (Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India project). 5. Production of leather dehairing enzymes from microbial source, reactor design and kinetics (Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India project). 6. Design of reactors for production of sulphur reducing bacteria and its cascade with lactic acid bacteria and hence waste water bioremediation (Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India project).\ 7. Role of intermolecular interactions of beta hairpins in protein folding nucleation. 8. Exploring the reaction kinetics and dynamics of pantothenate kinase (PANK) from M. tuberculosis. 9. Genome-wide scanning of lectin and lectin-like proteins from mycobacteria. 10. Cloning, expression, purification, biophysical characterization and structural studies on β-prism II, β- trefoil, microvirin lectin-like, C-type lectin and heparin binding hemagglutinin family proteins from M. tuberculosis, M. smegmatis and M. marinum. 11. Identification of lectin and lectin-like proteins from archaea. 12. Understanding the effect of glycosidic linkage on the sugar specificity of Jacalin. 13. Understanding the structural basis of anomeric selectivity exhibited by Jacalin. Papers published 1. Identification of mycobacterial lectins from genomic data. Abhinav KV, Sharma A, Vijayan M. Proteins. 2013 Apr; 81(4):644-57. 2. Location and conformation of pantothenate and its derivatives in Mycobacterium tuberculosis pantothenate kinase: insights into enzyme action. Chetnani B, Kumar P, Abhinav KV, Chhibber M, Surolia A, Vijayan M. Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr. 2011 Sep; 67(Pt 9):774-83. Book Chapters 1. X-ray crystallography and protein structure (2013). M. Vijayan and K. V. Abhinav. Textbook of Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Allied Molecular biology. 2. The legacy of G. N. Ramachandran and the development of Structural Biology in India (2013). M. Vijayan and K. V. Abhinav. Released in the conference titled “International Conference of Biomolecular Forms and Function” held at MBU, IISc, Bangalore. Papers presented 1. Bioinformatic Design of Protease Inhibitor and its Analysis at TATVA-2008 at Trivandrum, India. 2. Location and conformation of pantothenate and its derivatives in Mycobacterium tuberculosis pantothenate kinase: insights into enzyme action (2010) at Asian Biophysical Association meeting at New Delhi, India. 3. Identification of mycobacterial lectins from genomic data. (2011) at Indian Biophysical Society meeting in Chennai, India. 4. Identification of mycobacterial lectins from genomic data. (2013) at International Conference on Biomolecular Forms and Function in Bangalore, India. 5. Further investigation on the sugar specificity of Jacalin. (2014) at International Carbohydrate Symposium, organized by IUPAC in Bangalore, India. 6. Structural studies on the sugar specificities of Jacalin. (2014) at Molecular Architecture, Dynamics and Assembly in Living Systems (MADALS 2014) in Kolkata, India. Membership of Professional Bodies 1. Life member, Indian Biophysical Society. 2. Member, Indian Crystallographic Association. 3. Member, International Union of Crystallography.

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