Poster Presentation 2014 International Biophysics Congress

Thermal regulation model of human lower limb of Uighur medicine sand therapy (#405)

Kuwahan Aihemaiti 1 , Dilinaer Mahemuti 1 , Rongchang Fu 1 , Nuer Ya Aini 1 , Weier Jiang 1
  1. Biophysical Society of China's Xinjiang, Urumqi, China

Objective: To establish Thermal regulation model of human lower limb suitable for Uighur Medicine sand therapy and detailed analysis of heat transfer mode of sand therapy, therefore provide a theoretical basis for future research on sand therapy. Methods: Segments human lower limb hierarchically to establish of a specific heat balance equation of each layer, and the thermal regulation model of sand therapy provide a reasonable biological heat transfer equation, the equation will calculate the each layer of human lower limb. Result & Conclusion: The results showed that the regulating temperature function of human body becomes more adept at temperature with the increase of the temperature of sand. The temperature of lower limb showed smaller variation along with sand temperature was increase, the core temperature remains substantially constant. The core temperature of body's maintain constantly.