Poster Presentation 2014 International Biophysics Congress

Self gravitation bio: Some convincing evidences on astrophysical principles (#391)

Iresh Ranjan Bhattacharjee 1 , Shaptadvipa Bhattacharjee 1 , Sagarika Bhattacharjee 1 , Rajan Kashyap 1
  1. Institute for Intrinsic Gravitation Biology, Guwahati, Assam, India

Some convincing evidences are presented with  ‘Self  Gravitation  Bio’1  (nomenclature  given  by  Biophysical  Society in 2008)  on astrophysical  principles  for  'self  gravity’  and  ‘mutual  gravity’, as if ‘planet within planet’ situation for macromolecules within biological cell. In living organisms, buoyant force of fluids (liquid or gas and other mechanisms) helps to maintain needed seclusion from stronger extrinsic gravity comparable to own gravity of Moon on seclusion from Earth in universal field of gravitation. Similar to matter became layered according to density with heavier matter near core and lighter matter near crust during earth’s formation, potential  energy  of  self  gravity  compresses  macromolecules  like  nucleic  acid  having  highest  ‘molar  mass  and  density’  in  core position.  Mechanical load bearing microtubule-dependent centration of centrosome find geometrical center of cell region. Central equilibrium position of floating macromolecules get subsequently destabilized due to opposing force of inertia and with increase in hydrostatic pressure of compressed fluids. Metabolic energy of biomass works outward as kinetic energy against potential energy of self gravity and planetary gravity. Energy producing organelles chloroplast, mitochondria are away from central position in cell to avoid central load. In living body, anabolism (build-up) and catabolism (break-down) through various process including photosynthesis and respiration respectively result in a constant ‘change of masses’  per unit volume that can upshot contraction and relaxation alternately on astrophysical principles. Logarithmic spiral phenomena develop in various living creatures like snail, snake and others have  the  unique  geometrical  property  of  maintaining  constant  angle  between  radius from centre and  tangent  from curvature at  any  point  of the arc. Magnitude of potential energy of self gravity goes on decreasing from core to periphery whereas higher magnitude of outward kinetic energy make radius of curvature lengthened.

1. Bhattacharjee I.R.  (2013)  Self Gravity:  The Major Investigation Gap in Life Science. Lambert Academic Publishing ISBN 978-3-659-42698-8.