Poster Presentation 2014 International Biophysics Congress

Critical role of TLRs and MicroRNAs in radiation-induced carcinogenesis (#344)

Jianming Cai 1
  1. Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China

The Nobel Prize 2011 went to Jules Hoffman and Bruce Beutler for their discoveries of Toll-like receptors (TLRs), while Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research 2008 honored the discovery of microRNA (miRNA), indicating the importance of TLRs and miRNAs. TLRs are the main sentinels of many types of immune cells and they play critical roles in innate and acquired immunity. Dysregulation of certain miRNAs in cancer can promote tumorigenesis, metastasis and invasion. However, the role of TLR and miRNAs in radiation induced Carcinogenesis is not well studied. To examine a potential role of the TLR and miRNA in radiation-induced thymic Carcinogenesis, we subjected different TLR−/− mice to four weekly 1.75 Gy gamma-ray exposures at a dose rate of 0.58Gy/min and found some interesting result. Array Profiling, Pathway Prediction Analysis and in vitro and in vivo biological experiments Indentified a Unique MicroRNA Signature Associated with the Pathogenesis and Diagnosis and Serve as a Therapeutic Target of Radiation-induced Thymic Lymphoma. In Conclusion, we found that TLRs and miRNAs played critical role in radiation-induced carcinogenesis. This work therefore provides some novel experimental evidence about potential therapeutic targets for the prevention and treatment of radiation induced carcinogenesis.

Keywords: Radiation-induced Carcinogenesis, TLR, MicroRNAs


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