Oral Presentation 2014 International Biophysics Congress

On integrative biophysics in context of UNO-agenda 21 (#161)

Eva Neu 1 , Peter Birkenbihl 1 , Guntram Schulz 1 , Tatjana Senn 1 , Viktor Foltin 1 2 , Manfred Holler 1 3 , Michael Ch. Michailov 1 , Stephen Molnar 1 , Albert R. Oswald 1 , Germain Weber 1 4 , Michael Schratz 1 5 , Walter Seidenbusch 1 6
  1. Inst. Umweltmedizin c/o ICSD/IAS e.V. POB 340316, 80100 M. (Int. Council Sci. Develop./Int. Acad. Sci. Berlin-Innsbruck-Muenchen-Paris-Sofia-Vienna), Muenchen, Germany
  2. Fac. Physics, Slovak Univ. Technol. , Bratislava, Slovakia
  3. Fac. Econ. Sci. (Dean), Univ., Hamburg, Germany
  4. Fac. Psychology (Dean), Univ., Vienna & Luxemburg, Austria-Lux.
  5. School of Education, Univ., Innsbruck, Austria
  6. Fac. Geoscience, Inst. Geology, Univ., Innsbruck, Austria

INTRODUCTION: Biophysics is fundamental interdisciplinary science for biology-ecology-medicine-physics. Progressive increase of importance of biophysics for global health & ecological problems needs new approaches to conceptions about education & research in this field.

CONCEPTION: (a) Creation of common IUPAB-commissions & continental societies (see-c.) for future integrative biophysics in context of scientific theory/moral-philosophy, (b) implication of biophysical topics into int. congresses for philosophy (FISP, etc.), psychology (IUPsyS), physiology (IUPS), chemistry (IUPAC), also in clinical-medicine (FIGO/ISIM/SIU,etc.), (c) similar to (b), also interdisciplinary-topics to biophysical congresses (IUPAB etc.) and journals, (d) foundation/enlargement of inter-facultative institutes for biophysics (e), united in national/continental (e.g. American/European) and international institutes via network, (f) integrated to international universities proposed by Bertrand Russell (British Nobel-Laureate) as paradigm for better education-research-technology.

Fundamentals for (d-f) could be: 1. Common educational/research programmes& 2. administration/laboratories, 3. establishment of international/continental  professors/doctors, directors,etc., 4. international employees at institutes/branches in Africa-America-Asia-Australia-Europe, 5. regular successive financial support for participants/projects by national ministries, European Union,etc., 6. Possibility for whole life work after 60 years as senior-scientist incl. functions of honorary professors/institute-directors, etc.

CONCLUSION: Enlarged implication of moral-philosophy and scientific-theory is necessary for better education & research in biophysics (a), developing help (b), counteraction of misuse of biophysical discoveries (c) in context of UNO-Agenda21 for better health-education-ecology in all countries. IUPAB, together with continental & national societies (African-American-Asian-Australia-European) could play a leading role in this matter.

DEDICATION to support (2014-1980) of Nobel-Laureates/Hon. ICSD-members: Africa/N.MAHFOUZ, W.SOYINKA, Bishop TUTU, America-Asia/H.G.KHORANA/India-USA, Y.T.LEE/China, L.PAULING/USA, Europe/M.EIGEN/Germany, F.SANGER, Lord A.TODD/GB, B.SAMUELSON/Sweden, also Otto-HUG, R.WITTENZELLNER/GSF-Founder, Munich/Germany.

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